Business Introduction
Longteng has passed the certificates of international quality system as ISO9001:2008, UL ROHS. And we are capable to making 1-28 layer boards, aspect ratio is 26:1. The Max. Finished board thickness is 7.0mm, max. copper thickness is 7OZ, min. mechanical drilling hole size is 0.10mm, min.
laser drilling hole size is 3mil, min. line width/line space is 2.0/2.0mil. We have excellent experience in making Heavy Board,  Heavy Copper Board, Mixed Board,High Frequency Board,High TG, High Precision Impedance Controlled Board, and so on.
Process Capability
Delivery Capability
Product Category:Heavy Copper PCB
Finished Board Dimension:148.*56.8mm
Layer/Board Thickness:4L /3.2mm
Surface Treatment:Immersion Gold,2U"/ ENIG(5u")
Special Technique:Inner & Outer layers copper: 8oz
Application Fields:Industrial Control
Product Category:Metal Based PCB
Finished Board Dimension:95.5*95.5mm
Layer/Board Thickness:1L /2.0mm
Surface Treatment:OSP
Special Technique:Spiral Holes /High heat dissipation
Application Fields:Power amplifier/high-power power module/LED
Product Category:HDI PCB
Finished Board Dimension:120.5*160.8mm
Layer/Board Thickness:20L /4.20mm
Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold,2U"/ ENIG(5u")
Special Technique:Three-step Blind & Buried Holes /Precision Circuits /Micro-aperture
Application Fields:Industrial Control /Medical Equipment
Product Category:Resin Plug Holes PCB
Finished Board Dimension:240.5*170.6mm
Layer/Board Thickness:8L /1.6mm
Surface Treatment:Immersion Gold,2U"/ ENIG(5u")
Special Technique:High Precision + highly accurate dimension
Application Fields:Communication
Product Category:THK Thickness PCB
Finished Board Dimension:550.5*550.5mm
Layer/Board Thickness:10L /5.20mm
Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold,2U"/ ENIG(2u")
Special Technique:THK Thickness + Big dimension
Application Fields:Industrial Control
Product Category: High Board Thickness PCB
Finished Board Dimension:320.5*170.6mm
Layer/Board Thickness:8L /1.6mm
Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold + Golden Fingers 30U"
Special Technique: High Precision
Application Fields:Communication
Product Category:FR4 & Rorgers Mixed Lamination PCB
Finished Board Dimension:180.1*170.6mm
Layer/Board Thickness:8L /2.0mm
Surface Treatment:Immersion Gold
Special Technique:Mixed Lamination + Blind Routing Slots
Application Fields:Communication
Product Category:High Frequency PCB
Finished Board Dimension:180.7*6.8mm
Layer/Board Thickness:2L /1.20mm
Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold
Special Technique:High Frequency Based Material
Application Fields:Communication /Military